Mororo Rufus Ripjaw


Mororo Rufus Ripjaw   Pedigree No: KUSA ZA020981B13

Date of Birth: 24.09.2012

Sire: Calibre Zorrocan Magic
Dam: Lionhill Labalaba of Mororo

Breeder: Mr. JP Coetsee, South Africa
Owner: Mrs. AL Taljaard, South Africa

HD A1-A1 and ED 0-0

Height: 70 cm
Weight: 48 kg

full scissors bite


Rufus and his 11 siblings were born in the Western Cape/South Africa.
He developed into a big and strong male with excellent bone structure
but doesn't appear heavy at all when you meet him personally.

Rufus is the proud "September/October/December" photo model in the


Rufus is athletic and is ready to run, play and jump any time.



Rufus loves to play and swim in the dam on his farm.


Like a real farm dog Rufus is an expert in herding.
He doesn't hurt the cattle but keeps them "Ridgeback-like" at bay :-)



Rufus has an outstanding temperament and is very obedient.
He also passed his KUSA CGC test (Canine Good Citizen) at a very young age.

What is better than a treat from mom?

Rufus as a little puppy

Mororo Rufus Ripjaw

Mororo Rufus Ripjaw

Mororo Rufus Ripjaw

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